2017; the year in Review....2018 awaits!

As this year draws to a close, our 2017 marathon races are behind us for now, and we can sit back & relax and reflect on our achievements for the year. 

We had a big year at Run Well, with some 24 runners completing their marathons all over the world from the Tokyo marathon back in February, to Paris in April and finally New York in November, and many other races including Trails, Halfs, 10k, and Park Runs in between.

The big ticket races for this year were Gold Coast in July, the AV Burnley Half Marathon ( Vic Champs) in September and of course Melbourne in October, where many, many PBs were set

In summary, we had 10 runners in the Burnley Half, and all set new PB's on their way to the Melbourne Marathon. We had 12 finishers at Melbourne this year, with 8 PB's, including 3 runners finishing in under 3 hours and some new RUN WELL PB's set this year;

You can read what some of them had to say about their Run Well experience by clicking here ;


FEB : James Clarke, 10km ; 37:20

SEP : Andy Ray,  Burnley Half Marathon ; 1:19:51

OCT: Darren Bowden, Melbourne Marathon ; 2:55:13

2 x PB's in 2017 @ GC, MM.     new  Run Well Marathon record ; 2:55:13

2 x PB's in 2017 @ GC, MM.

new Run Well Marathon record ; 2:55:13


Congratulations to all those runners that have achieved great things this year, and some impressive new benchmarks to chase down in 2018.

Just as you reach for your second drink this Xmas, let's take a peek at what 2018 has in store, and I'm proud to announce we have some big changes at Run Well to look forward to.

Firstly, the Run Well portal that holds all of your programs, personal info & runners resources will look a bit different, as it has had a makeover! We have switched to a Google docs platform for your program docs that hopefully you will find looks more professional & prettier, but also works much better as an interactive live program.

We are very pleased to announce our new addition to the coaching fold in Ryan Mannix. Ryan has a very impressive running background ( sub 30 mins for 10km if you don't mind) and is also a yoga teacher/guru that takes running zen to w hole new level. You can read more about Ryan's story and relationship with running here.

Ryan will be joining me in coaching our next Running Technique clinic in late FEB 2018, as well as taking our new Sunset Sessions Series from Wednesday night, 28 FEB at 7pm from the St.Kilda foreshore ( meet out front of the Life Saving Club). More on that here.

As well as this we will get together for some longer Sunday morning runs followed by a cooling dip in the Bay and a bit of a group breaky. These runs will tie in with those training for upcoming marathons, with GC18 next on the Run Well list!


Stay tuned for more on that.

Ryan Mannix...yoga guru, and can run a bit.

Ryan Mannix...yoga guru, and can run a bit.

Run Well Events;

We have added a new RUN WELL EVENTS page to the website that will feature all of your upcoming Run Well events so make sure you check in to this page to see what's in store.

Weekend Running Events & running training camps;

If you love running then we would love to offer you some running experiences that are not only steeped in running history, but also some of the most spectacular running no more than 70mins from the CBD. 

For years elite runners from across the state have trained in these spectacular areas and world famous trails and have now paved the way for the recreational runner to have the same unique experience. 

Stay tuned next year as we bring you some running experiences that will reinforce and build on the love of running. 

From the world famous Portsea sand hills made famous by Percy Cerutty, to the soft trails that Robert De Castella and Steve Moneghetti would run around in the Sherbrooke forest, to runs on our CBD doorstep, we will be creating memorable running experiences for you to participate in. 

Our first event will be on Sunday MARCH 4 with a spectacular run through Sherbrooke Forest followed by brunch at the superb Burnham Beeches Piggery cafe. All the details you need can be found here.

Both Ryan & I will be taking these group running events that will cater to all levels and take your running experience to a new level. So keep an eye out for updates on our events page for these.

2018....what's your goal?

Of course it is important to set ourselves goals for 2018, so that we can be well prepared to tackle & reach those. At Run Well, we like to consider all runs but tend to focus our groups on some key events for the year. At this stage, we have some strong numbers of commitment for the following...

GOLD COAST : July 1, 2018 : We got quite a crew together for this one already. I'm looking forward to some great training runs together, Long Runs from StKilda, pre-race planning meetings, pre-race pasta feasts, and a post race celebratory get together. Can't wait. Your 20 week program starts on FEB 11, 2018.

MELB MARATHON : October 16, 2018



Of course our regular Friday morning training session will continue as it has for about 12 years now, when my wife melissa started it way back when. I hijacked it in 2011 when she was pregnant with our first born Duke.

For those that aren't familiar, this is a high intensity Interval session, that consists of a combination of running hills, stairs and various parts around the Tan, and alternates each week with a track session across at AAMI stadium.

This session is great for strength and speed development with a strong focus on running technique & form from your coach!

COST : $10 casual, or FREE FOR MEMBERS!


6 week Running Technique Clinic: Run better, Run Stronger, Run Faster. Starts early MARCH. Some have done it before, and wish to do it again. COST: $300;


2 coaches, 4 eyes, years of experience. Rohan & Ryan on hand for this one, to help you take your running to a new level for greater efficiency & economy, and better performance with reduced risk of  injury.


We have been working on some wheeling & dealing to bring you some great Run Well deals;

15% off at Sole MOTIVE - ask Duncan

10% off at City Osteopathy ( Queen Street) - Osteopathy & Myotherapy treatments


For the first time Run Well is offering a one off membership fee that will cover all of your Friday morning training sessions, as well as a host of items, events, clinics & store discounts. With the addition of your new coach Ryan Mannix, we will be offering more great running based experiences and great training sessions as we work to establish ourselves as more than just a training centre but a great running club. 

full details here

Cost: $250




Rohan Armstrong

Passionate Running & Osteopathy