Thinking of running the marathon? 


Are you are up for running the marathon? This is a very good question that many people wonder & need to ask themselves, as many fear even the the thought of it, hence the questions requires some serious consideration before entertaining the idea. I hope to be able to answer some of those queston for you, to help you determine if you're ready for the challenge, and more impprtantly help make running the marathon a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Running a marathon is hard work, and so is the training. It is well known that the hardest part is getting through the training, and getting to the start line in one piece. However, the better prepared you are, the better your performance come race day and the more enjoyable it becomes.

The hardest marathon you will ever run, is the one you are least prepared for. 

This is usually the reason so many runners don't make it to the start line let alone finish line, or have such bad experience attempting it. Many runners are either under-prepared or get injured during training due to overtraining & poor recovery. Thus, the right preparation & program is critical. At Run Well we will make sure you get it right.


In order to avoid these common pitfalls, here's a guide to what you can expect of yourself if you are considering taking on the marathon.


1. Time & Commitment 

You will need to dedicate 3-5 runs per week for 20 weeks for your marathon training program. However, ideally you will need to have been running regularly ( 3 + times/wk) for at least 6 weeks covering about 30 kms per week before you start your program, as your first long run in the first week will be 12 kms and your total distance for the first week will be about 32kms. Hence, the more regular running you can do in the lead up as well as in training, the better this will prepare your body for the increased running mileage to come. In any case, your personalised program will accomodate your current running ability and running history to ensure you are adequately prepared. 


2. Support 

You will spend alot of time running, through the week and even longer on the weekend - your long run will peak at up to 3 hours or more!. Make sure your family and friends are supportive and understand you will need to say 'no' to a few Saturday night parties.
Additionally, having a running partner, running group or friends to run with with can help alot with maintaining your motivation and keeping you on track, not to mention getting up early for those invigorating pre-dawn sessions.


3. Rest & Recovery  

In addition to the running, your body needs to recover between runs in the form of rest, quality sleep, eating well and regular recovery sessions. Recovery sessions can include light cross training like swimming, yoga, cycling and compulsory work with the foam roller, stretching and the occasional massage!


4. Dedication

Did I mention it's hard work? Your motivation & commitment will be tested, particularly during the colder months, so be prepared with the correct winter running gear and you'll be fine. A good mantra I like to keep close is;
" There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!"

So be prepared to get out in the elements, there will be a few cold, early mornings which you will learn to love. These just make you grow stronger physically and mentally!


5. Sense of Achievement

So, if you think this sounds like you, then the answer is YES - YOU ARE REDAY TO RUN THE MARATHON! So long as you understand what is required, are committed and get yourself an appropriate program that is personalised to your needs and goals, you too can have a successful and enjoyable marathon experience!


More FAQ's here.

If the answer is NO, then maybe try our half marathon package, and build up to the full at a later date.



  Personalised Marathon

Training Program

For relatively new runners who just want to make the distance, have a good run and finish strongly. No specific goal time in mind, however we can help you determine a realistic target to help set up your training.

- Comprehensive Runners Questionnaire
- Follow up Phone Call to further discuss your needs
- Personalised 20 week Marathon Training program
- Detailed Program User Guide & Explanation
- Runners Injury Prevention & Maintenance Guide
- Mid program Asessment & Performance Review
- Access to Smart Training Options


Support and Marathon  

Training Program

For runners who have done more than 1 Half Marathon, and have been running regularly for several years, want to do the marathon and have a goal time in mind.

- Comprehensive Runner questionnaire
- Follow up phone call to further discuss your goals & needs
- Customised 20-week Marathon Training Program
- Customised Personal Training Pace Guide to maximise performance
- Detailed Program User Guide & Explanations for Program & Pace Guide
- Runners Injury Prevention & Maintenance Guide
- Personalised Pre-Race Guide & Race Day Plan
- Regular Email support
- Performance tracking & program review (Skype)
- Access to Smart Training Options



Full Coaching to Marathon

(Complete Package)


For runners who want full support during their training, and don't want to leave anything to chance.

- Includes as above plus additional Smart Training Options;
- Osteopathic & Biomechanical assessment & Injury Screen ( 1 hr)
- Personalised Injury Prevention & Maintenance Guide
- Regular osteo appointments ( 5x every 4 weeks)
- Running Coaching Sessions ( 5 x Technique or 'Run With' options)
- access to Friday Morning group training sessions
- Unlimited email support & skype
- Pre-program call