About Run Well


Run Well is the culmination of the passion & appreciation for running and the sharing of knowledge to help runners of all abilities enjoy running to the fullest. Through expert guidance and coaching, we aim to teach better running technique & efficiency, provide challenging & exhilarating training sessions and prepare runners of all abilities to achieve their running goals and perform to their fullest potential.



As a Run Well member you gain access to a host of coached running training sessions each week, Run Well running events, free coaching advice, and discounts on additional services & products. For a once off yearly fee, all this plus more. To see all the details click here.

Or you can simply come along and pay casually week to week for just $15 per session. We are always on the hill at 6am every Friday morning. Meet at Gate B.

Rule #1: It never rains on a Friday morning at 6am at the Tan.

Rule #2: You are not made of fairy floss

Rule #3: There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!

marathon coaching

We believe that a personalised training program is not only better than a generic one but critical to you achieving your goal. Your program will be specifically designed and goal focussed to maximise your training benefits and hence performance.

If you're serious about reaching your marathon goal, you have come to the right place.

'Run Well' is our name but also a verb.  Run Well is the concept that applies to all your running; whether slow & steady right up to speed work on the track, tempo, and racing. The concept of 'running well' refers to your running form. Running technique, strength and efficiency must be applied at all times to enable you to build stronger movement patterns through the neurologic development of muscular function and co-ordination. In combination with proven training methods, good running form plus strength & conditioning results in faster running.

This will allow you to run better, run stronger & run faster!

Running is natural, running is primitive, and running is a skill that can be taught, learned, and practised. The continual and regular practise of good running form and good training methods is what makes you a stronger, better and hence more efficient runner. The result is running further and faster, with reduced injury risk, and better performance!

This has lead to the development of;

the "run well stack: and the 6 week running technique clinic

The lessons learned by our coaches over many years and miles on the track & race course, can be delivered to you in the form of our running technique clinic that is designed to re-train & teach you to run with greater technique & efficiency, whilst developing strength and reducing your risk of injury.


Your Run Well Coaches;

About Rohan Armstrong


Rohan is passionate about running. Believing we are all 'Born to Run', Rohan likes to help everyday people to get running, run better and achieve their running goals. 

He is the Principal Osteopath and Clinic Director at City Osteopathy - West in Melbourne, and at RUN OSTEO.  With over 25 years in clinical practice, Rohan has been working with athletes of all types and levels, taking him to all parts of the world.

He is an Accredited Athletics/Running Coach and has developed a special interest in running & runners. From the treatment & management of running injury, injury prevention, coaching running technique & efficiency, exercise science, marathon training and programming.

Naturally, a keen runner himself that began on the sportsfield, AFL footballer, a coached 400m sprinter, finally transforming these skills into distance running and the marathon.

Rohan was lucky enough to qualify for the New York marathon in 2016. A huge highlight for the Run Well crew.

Rohan was lucky enough to qualify for the New York marathon in 2016. A huge highlight for the Run Well crew.

It was the lessons learned on the track combined with his clinical experience working with injured runners understanding the mechanisms of injury and a thirst for greater knowledge & understanding that laid the path to becoming a more committed, passionate runner, and marathon training coach. 

Most importantly, he learned that the application of quality consistent training employing effective training principles & efficient technique will produce improved performance & better results. Thus the 6 week running technique clinic was born, and Run Well stack evolved that has seen him coach over 150 runners to become better, stronger and faster.

Putting these principles and skills into practise over many years Rohan has been able to continually reduce his PB's over all distances over the past 10 years ( despite his age!!), and cut nearly 9 minutes off his marathon time in his second attempt to break the 3 hour goal,

Rohan takes the regular running group training session every Friday morning at the Tan (meet at 6.00am at gate B, Anderson Street hill) & Running Technique Coaching Clinics around Melbourne.

Rohan's Personal achievements;

Marathon : 2:56:57 (Melbourne,2015)

HM : 1:23:08 (Bright,2018)

10Km : 37:30 (Albert Park,2017)