Are you a first time marathoner? 


Taking on the marathon for the first time can be a life changing experience, and an exhilirating one that requires a great commitment and dedication to succeed, and hence should not be entered into lightly.

Many new marathoners don't know where to start, let alone be able to answer questions like, how many runs do I need to do? How far do I need to run in training, or how fast do I need to run? And what about Tempo Runs, Speed Runs and Long Runs?

After detailed consultation we can provide the right program that is customised to suit you and your needs, to help you achieve your goals for the marathon. Importantly, your program will help you to avoid the common pitfalls that many first time marathoners experience, often leaving them under-prepared or conversely overtrained and injured, that will result in them being a non-starter or non-finisher.

Using trusted and proven exercise science and training techniques, our aim is for you to be a marathon finisher within your goal time and your personalised program is created to achieve just that. Regardless of whether you are fast or slow, young or old, you deserve to have access to the best training methods for a greater chance at success and have an enjoyable and rewarding marathon experience. 


Personalised Marathon 

Training Program

For relatively new runners who just want to make the distance, have a good run and finish strongly. No specific goal time in mind. 

- Comprehensive Runners Questionnaire
- Follow up Phone Call to further discuss your needs

- Face to face meeting to talk you through your program
- Personalised 20 week Marathon Training program
- Detailed Program User Guide & Explanation
- Runners Injury Prevention & Maintenance Guide
- Mid program Asessment & Performance Review
- Access to additional Smart Training Options


Support and Performance

Training Program

For runners who have done more than 1 Half Marathon, and have been running regularly for several years, want to do the marathon and have a goal time in mind.

- Comprehensive Runner questionnaire
- Follow up phone call to further discuss your goals & needs

- Face to face meeting to take you through your program
- Customised 20-week Marathon Training Program
- Customised Personal Training Pace Guide to maximise performance
- Detailed Program User Guide & Explanations for Program & Pace Guide
- Runners Injury Prevention & Maintenance Guide
- Personalised Pre-Race Guide & Race Day Plan
- Regular Email support
- Performance tracking & program review
- Access to additional Smart Training Options


Complete Coaching to Marathon 

For runners who want full support during their training, and don't want to leave anything to chance.

- Includes as above plus additional Smart Training Options;
- Osteopathic & Biomechanical assessment & Injury Screen ( 1 hr)
- Personalised Injury Prevention & Maintenance Guide
- Regular osteo appointments ( 5x every 4 weeks)
- Running Coaching Sessions ( 5 x Technique or Run With options)
- access to Friday Morning group training sessions.
- Unlimited email support & skype
- Pre-program call 

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