Rohan has been working on me for over 3 years now. I was first referred to Rohan by a triathlete friend who competes in Ironmans. I was having soreness and stiffness in my left leg while training for my first half-marathon.

Within seconds Rohan identified my soreness as ITB problems. Rohan gave a thorough check and introduced me to my best friend the roller.. Within days of using the roller the way Rohan had directed me to my soreness had completely gone away and within weeks of both roller and visits to Rohan my mobility and comfort during and post runs had dramatically improved. I successfully completed my first half-marathon.

Since then Rohan has effortlessly fixed my Runner's Knee (after I spent weeks trying to self-diagnose with no success). Rohan also identified that the injury had occurred due to over training. Through these visits Rohan set me straight on the concepts of training load, recovery and injury prevention.

Most recently Rohan has proven himself once again by completely healing my most serious injury yet. Due to a lack of maintenance on my behalf I suffered a major calf strain just 5 weeks out from running a marathon. I walked into Rohan's office close to tears after 9 months of training and left with a list of exercises, an action plan and confidence that I would be running the marathon. Incredibly Rohan and his Myotherapist Jim got me to the start line of the marathon and thanks to their amazing work I got myself to the finish line at a comfortable pace, without stopping once and completely 100% pain free. For this one Rohan deserves my finishers medal. 

Throughout all the visits over the years with Rohan what strikes me most is his incredible knowledge and generosity. His passion for running and helping runners is tangible and he is always willing to chat about running with loads of tips and advice to make me a better and happier runner. While I am only engaging Rohan as an Osteo he openly shares amazingly helpful insights as a running coach, such as optimising training plans, pacing and the perfect running technique. I am nowhere near an elite runner and struggle with the balance of work, family and running but Rohan speaks to me as a genuine serious runner who needs genuine and serious advice. I feel very blessed to have met Rohan while I am pursuing my running career.


All my life I had wanted to run a marathon but it always out of reach –too busy, too far, too tough!
Rohan gave me the confidence to take it on & then built a training program that I could fit around my life and family and run when it worked for me.

I learnt so much – about running and about myself – about taking the seemingly impossible on and breaking it down and having a go.


When I began the program in June, I thought 3:15 to 3:20 would be a realistic time for my first Mara. I’d always been fit but I’d never run beyond a half marathon, so before I began the program the distance was definitely a concern.
After dedicating myself to the program, I really began to see my running improve and my Burnley half time showed me that I was getting much quicker and stronger. With the confidence gained from this result, Rohan set me up for 2:59 marathon. Being my first marathon, I knew that my inexperience was going to work against me, so I was mentally prepared for something going wrong and to blow up in the last 10kms but I wanted to give sub-3 a crack. 
The heart rate guidance Rohan gave was perfect advice and I stayed below it for most of my race allowing me to run a couple of secs quicker per km over the first 28ks. Despite a struggle during the Tan part of the course, I was able to finish really strong and come in at 2:58:14. I’m unbelievably proud of my achievement and couldn’t have done it without the Run Well Program or Rohan’s wisdom.



Sure did, I achieved a 9 minute PB and managed to not hit the wall!!! The program helped to improve all my times from 5km through to Marathon!!!


My view is that Run Well marathon training is perfect for runners of all abilities that want guidance from an experienced, knowledgeable and passionate running coach. Rohan creates a friendly, encouraging environment for all runners to improve their technique and perform at their best. 

The program Rohan prepared for me was more challenging than I had ever tried before. Rohan provided me the guidance, support and encouragement to get through it. He reeled me in when I got a bit excited thinking I could do more and encouraged me when I thought I wasn't capable of hitting certain times.


I really enjoyed the structure and science of the program that Rohan put together for me. I was well and truly under prepared for my first marathon and had little idea of what training was required. Rohan's program provided me with greater insight in training over and above doing a weekly long runs. It broke down the 20 weeks into smaller chunks and aided me in achieving goals along the way in smaller, quicker races/runs.


Before I got in touch with Rohan to get some training help, someone told me the marathon would be the best and worst thing I'd ever do. Not true, it was just the best thing I'd ever done. I put this down to Rohan who ensured I was fully prepared to do the best I possibly could. I honestly don't think I could have made it to New York without Rohan; he instilled me with confidence and convinced me that I could do it, even when I doubted that I could ever run that far. He kept me injury free and motivated despite the other things I had going on in my life such as moving overseas and starting a challenging new job with long hours. Whilst the training was tough I always felt organised and supported, well prepared and even excited. And Rohan did all this without ever meeting me in person! He is a champion.


The marathon experience was everything I dreamed of and more! I absolutely loved the journey I went on that saw me complete my first marathon. It took a lot of hard training, but the reward at the completion of the training was so worth it. For me personally I don't think anything could top that amazing feeling of crossing the finishing line of my first marathon. Just pure happiness!

My ultimate goal this year was to complete my first marathon. I achieved this goal at the Melbourne Marathon. I am super happy with the time I ran the marathon in and I am so excited to get back to training so I can sign up for another marathon and go for a PB! Without following the Run Well training program that was specifically designed for me, I highly doubt that I would have been able to complete the marathon with as much success as I did. The Run Well training program focused on building a strong level of fitness, promoted active recovery and ensured I made it to the start line injury free.

Rohan provided ongoing support and advice throughout my training. No question I had was left unanswered. I had total confidence in myself and my running ability, thanks to everything that I learnt from Rohan and through my Run Well training program.


My goal was to have abetter experience than last year - which i did by far! Time was less of an issue but I achieved a 12.5 minute PB, overtaking around 300 people in the last 5 kms, which was very satisfying.I also finished strong and very, very happy!

My marathon experience was far better than I expected.


I’ve been a serious runner for over 40 years, and have completed 13 Melbourne Marathons to date. I always considered that I have a good running technique, and this is probably a fair statement. I was convinced by my daughters to join a running clinic that Rohan was conducting, and somewhat sceptical of what I could be taught about all things running, I went along.

I’m very happy to admit that my scepticism was groundless. Rohan described and demonstrated running techniques that not only seemed logical in the telling but also proved supremely effective in the execution. To describe Rohan’s coaching style simply, he not only provided me with the technical reasons how I should adjust my running technique, he also interweaved in to the telling the reasons why, and the benefits to be derived from doing so.

I’m a classic example that you can teach an old runner new (and extremely effective) tricks. I rate Rohan very highly and recommend him to anyone seeking that PB!  


A wise Swami once said “a dozen or so chocolate coated almonds in the hour before a long run is ill advised” and “always carry toilet paper when running in the wild”.

Simple tips, but when you’re at the tail end of a 35km training run, these tips are invaluable.
This wise Swami is otherwise known as Rohan Armstrong, I call him Swami because he is the master of running. I was lucky enough to take part in Rohan’s marathon training program in 2011 and still apply so much of what I learnt from the program to this day.

Rohan has an unlimited knowledge on running form and technique, but also has unlimited practical advice on just what you need to get through a marathon. No concern, fear or niggle is too small for Rohan (trust me I had a billion) and Rohan was always there to appease, address and/or tackle these issues with genuine interest. 

Rohan’s love of running and his desire for everyone to experience that love of running is what makes his training programs so unique and enjoyable. If you want to feel like you're part of something special then Rohan's marathon training program is for you.

I would recommend Rohan’s training programs to anyone that has thought about running a marathon but not quite sure how. Once Rohan has taken you under his wing the rest takes care of itself. All of a sudden you want to run more, train well and learn as much as you can about running because before you know it the all-important race day arrives. 

When you're standing at the marathon start line with all the nerves that race day brings, you can take comfort in knowing that if you’ve taken part in Rohan’s program, it’s going to be a great race!

Do it!

Jasmine Ireland, DEBUT MARATHON MELB 2011

Firstly, I’d like to stress once more how much I enjoyed the clinic. For someone like me who has no connection to the athletics world, the opportunity Rohan provided to learn how to really run with good technique is invaluable.