About Rohan


Rohan is an experienced Osteopath, accredited running coach and passionate runner.  He works with runners of all ages and experience to help them to run better, reach their running potential and fulfil their ambitions of running marathons.

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How can I help?

Am I ready to run a marathon? 

Running a marathon is hardly child's play, but it's not an impossible feat either. Let us help you gauge your current fitness and running ability to work towards being marathon ready.

First time running a marathon?

Thinking of running your first marathon but not sure where to start? See how we can help you get on the right track to reach your goal and enjoy the big day with our hands on customised programs.     

Aiming for a new Personal Best?

You are ready to set some marathon goals and want the best help available. Get a personalised run program and pace guide to boost your performance and avoid injury.


Without following the Run Well training program that was specifically designed for me, I highly doubt that I would have been able to complete the marathon with as much success as I did.

Clare Hogan

Rohan described and demonstrated running techniques that not only seemed logical in the telling but also proved supremely effective in the execution.

Al Meager

Rohan’s love of running and his desire for everyone to experience that love of running is what makes his training programs so unique and enjoyable. 

Jasmine Ireland