Your Personalised Training Program is designed specifically to meet your goals and needs, to fit your lifestyle, & is geared to maximise your training effect and performance without overloading your body. This is achieved through your customised program featuring specific run session types, along with your prescribed pace guide and finally your race day plan to see you reach your potential and goal.

In addition to these fundamental training & race elements, we can offer a number of additional complementary training services to give you an added advantage as you prepare for race day and strive to the finish line.

Some of these products are included in our program packages, whilst others can be added as an option on enquiry.

  • Customised Prescribed Training Pace Guide - (based on your target goal time)
  • Customised Pre-Race & Race Day Plan - (everything you need to know in the lead up to the big day, and race day itself. Includes what to eat, wear, your specific race paces, heart rate zones, & what to expect out on the course with every corner of the Melbourne Marathon explained )
  • Personal Race Day Pacer & Running Partner -  (Yes, I will run your race with you, according to your race plan!)
  • Osteopathic & Biomechanical Assessment & Injury Screen ( 1 hr in clinic)- Includes report & personalised injury prevention guide
  • Injury Prevention & Maintenance Guide for Runners - The essential exercises to keep you injury free & on track , includes foam roller, spikey ball, stretches.  
  • Running Technique Coaching session  ( 1 hr) - Improve your running efficiency & economy 
  • 'Run with' Running Coaching Session (1 hr) -  Introduction to Run session types - How to perform a Tempo, Speed/Track session, Interval training, Long run, Recovery & Easy run sessions
  • 5-pack x Running Coaching Sessions -  Technique or'Run with' options as per above, your choice.
  • 6 week Running Technique Coaching Course ( enquire below for applicable dates)
  • Pre-program Running Plan- preconditoning to prepare you for your program start
  • Running Injury Assessment and Treatment/Rehab plan/Program modification (1 hr) - Get the right advice from an experienced professional, to get you back on track as quickly as possible (In clinic, Melbourne cbd)
  • Running Shoe Selection Advice - The right shoes for your speed sessions are different to your long run and race shoes. Find out what is the best running shoe for you based on what you alerady wear now, and what you want to achieve with your running. Enquire below for your FREE running shoe assessment!

For more information on these training options and pricing, please send me an enquiry today.