Think about this on your next Long Run...NYC Marathon 2016!

MYC marathon

For a long time it's been a dream of mine to run the New York City Marathon. There are many well known marathons held around the world, and this is definitely well up there on many a runner's bucket list as the famous run takes you through all 5 boroughs of the one city.

Training for the marathon is hard work, that requires your utmost dedication & commitment for many months if you want to reach your goal. If you're struggling for motivation on some of your long runs throughout this marathon campaign, perhaps the thought of qualifiying for next year's NYC marathon will get you going again!!

However, gaining an entry has not always been so easy. You can always pay your way via Travel Partners which is quite costly, or you can join the NYRR which is tricky living in Australia or you can run a qualifying time. This also hasn't always been so easy as it is very competitive until more recently.

I've recently learned that the NYRR have made some changes, and increased the numbers of entries to qualifying athletes. They have also relaxed their qualifying times for certain age groups to allow greater access for runners from around the globe to come and run in this great event.

Here's the link to your age qualifying times. This might give you the extra motivation you need to keep pushing through the next 9 weeks of training. Think you can make the grade?

If you need help training for your specific goal time to qualify, or your new personal best, I can help. To train for a specific goal time, you will need to train with prescribed paces for each of your runs from speed/interval, tempo and long runs to develop the speed and endurance required to reach your race pace goal. Combined this with an effective race plan for the big day, and your goal will be in sight.

It's not too late to tweak your program to help you build more strength & speed to get you that time goal you are after.

Drop me a line with your details if you'd like me to receive a free follow up phone call to discuss your needs and goals for this or your next marathon. Alternately, if you're thinking about or planning to run the NYC Marathon in 2016, Run Well will be joining you as we will be providing a complete training & coaching package to get you there in great shape to realise your goals!

New York City 2016, here we come!

Rohan Armstrong

Passionate Running & Osteopathy