Aiming for a new Personal Best?


Run Well runners aiming for a PB at the 2015 Melbourne Marathon achieved an average of over 20 minutes off the personal best times.

You've run a marathon, or maybe a few and it's time to step it up and aim higher, but you're not sure how.

The key to reaching a new personal best time for your next marathon lies in your specialised training program to prepare you appropriately. Through the understanding and application of proven exercise science and specific training techniques, we will determine the best type of program with the right balance of training load, mileage, training intensity and paces to ensure you are training at the right level to increase your performance and improve results.

On completion of a detailed questionnaire about your age, running history, your current goals, and performance levels, we can identify your strengths & weaknesses, and create the right program for you to successfully achieve your personal best time. 

Your personalised program will be specifically designed with specific running session types ( includes Speed, Interval, Tempo, Recovery, Long Runs) with prescribed paces for each of these runs to maximise your physiologic training effects, thus transforming you into a fitter, stronger runner capable of achieving a new personal best time. 

The essential ingredients for success are your Personalised Training Program and Training Pace Guide in combination with your personalised Race Plan for Race Day to ensure you get it right on the big day. Using the trusted and best training methods available, we can help you maximise your potential and reach new marathon goal heights.



Support and Performance Marathon Training Program

- Comprehensive Runner questionnaire
- Follow up phone call to further discuss your goals & needs

- Face to Face meeting to take you through your Program
- Customised 18-20 week Marathon Training Program
- Customised Personal Training Pace Guide to maximise performance
- Detailed Program User Guide & Explanations for Program & Pace Guide
- Runners Injury Prevention & Maintenance Guide
- Personalised Pre-Race Guide & Race Day Plan

- Run Well Group Pre-race meeting & discussion night.
- Regular Email support, performance tracking & interactive program review

- Race Day Run Well Support & Hydration Station 

- Post race review & analysis
- Access to additional Smart Training Options


Complete Coaching to Marathon


For runners who want full support during their training, and don't want to leave anything to chance.

- Includes all of above plus Smart Training Options;
- Osteopathic & Biomechanical assessment & Injury Screen ( 1 hr)
- Personalised Injury Prevention & Maintenance Guide
- Regular osteo appointments ( 5x every 4 weeks)
- Running Coaching Sessions ( 5 x Technique or Run With options)
- access to regular Friday Morning group training sessions.
- Unlimited email support & Skype
- Opportunity for personal race pacer on Race Day ( additional cost applies)