Super Sunday Run

I joined thousands of walkers, strollers, cyclists, skaters & runners who were out & about yesterday enjoying a superb Sunday afternoon. For me it was my longer Sunday run, an easy & relaxed amble along the foreshore from Elwood to Hampton and back. As i usually do when I run, it got me thinking, what does this Sunday run mean to me?

Sunday run

For me, it's the start of getting back into regular weekend runs, this being my third consecutive run as I start to string together some consistency and getting some mileage back in the legs. Now that our second boy, Sonny has just turned 6 months, runs have been less than regular since my last race which was the City 2 Surf in Sydney way back in August last year, which i snuck in before his arrival in September.

Whilst this was not a programmed run as such, there is still always a training effect so it pays to give some attention to what you want to get out of the run. Having said that I'm all for a relaxed run with no great expectations, but for me there are two main factors present. Every run demands you Run Well, with good form regardless of pace thus building a stronger neuromuscular connection within your running muscles & movements - Smooth, Light & Easy. This along with a focus on keeping my cadence ticking along nicely is all I'm really aiming for. As for pace, I made sure I was travelling nicely within my aerobic zone, steady paced so as to be within my aerobic threshold. 

Whilst I am not running to any program right now, I am aware that my 20 week Marathon Training program is still some time away (about 9 weeks). Until then it's just a case of running regularly, running well & building some aerobic fitness along the way, which is a most fortunately unavoidable!

Most importantly, like most of those around me it's nice to just simply be able to get out & enjoy the run, the sun and the scenery and not have to think about my program for now.

A timely reminder to make the most of these great afternoons whilst they're still with us, and enjoy the freedom of whatever it is you're doing , just for the sake of it.

Rohan Armstrong

Passionate Running & Osteopathy