Run 4 Kids…tick! So, what's next…the Half Marathon?

Run 4 the Kids

Congratulations if you've just completed the 15km event, Run 4 The Kids. One of the best running events in Melbourne in my mind, as it's for a great cause and a unique run course as it takes you under the Burnley Tunnel and over The Bolte Bridge, places you can't normally run. And now, let's consider what comes next….?

You've had a couple of days off to reflect, now your mind turns to, What next? You don't want to waste all that good training you've already done, do you? So, naturally the Half Marathon is next on the list. Besides, it's only another 6.1 km so you're nearly there. It's true, you can make the distance no problem, but what goal do you want to set for yourself, what time do you want to aim for?

The Run Melbourne Half Marathon is on July 26, so about 4 months away. This gives you 16 weeks  to train, which is plenty of time to set yourself a goal.

A typical Half Marathon program is 12 weeks long, and if you have a goal time in mind we can create a personalised program to build strength & speed into your running to help you reach your goal. But that doesn't mean you spend the next 4 weeks sitting on the couch until your program starts. Keep up your regular running and think about adding some interval or tempo running into your program.

A typical program will have a number of different run types, such as easy runs, tempo runs and faster interval runs to help you build strength and speed into your running. All this adds up to a faster race time. If you want to find out more, please send me an email.

Whatever running you do, Run Well.

Rohan Armstrong

Passionate Running & Osteopathy