Try this Lunchtime Run & Workout.

Workout Station, end of Collins Street.

Workout Station, end of Collins Street.

You've only got an hour for lunch and you want to squeeze in a run and a bit of a workout?
Here's a great option!
If you're in the Melbourne CBD, as I am, a nice 10-15 minute jog across the river following Southbank and the Yarra Promenade, over the Webb Bridge to the Docklands offers a picturesque route to a fabulous little workout station at the very end of Collins Street.
Once there you can complete a very effective circuit of exercises using the available equipment and your body weight that will complement your running.
There are plenty of exercise options offered at each workstation, and there's even a 135m running track around the outside!
I suggest doing a series of 4 exercises TABATA style, that is 20 secs ON, then 10 secs REST. Perform each exercise 3 times before moving to the next, or do it as a circuit of 4 exercises, and repeat 3 times.
Total workout time = 6 minutes and you're guaranteed to be flogged. If you've still got something left in the tank, or a bit more time, then try another set of 4.

Finsih off with a short jog back to work with enough time for a shower & a sandwich!

Here's some exercise options;

  1. Chin Ups
  2. Push Ups
  3. Rope Lifts - alternating
  4. Cross Over Crunch


  1. Box Jumps
  2. Jump Switch ( from push up position, bring knee to chest, alternating, fast)
  3. Step Ups
  4. Mountain Climbers ( push up position, knee to elbow - outside/inside to opp elbow)




Rohan Armstrong

Passionate Running & Osteopathy