6 reasons why you should run the Melbourne Marathon this year!

Preparing to run the 42.195 kms to finish a marathon takes four to five months of dedicated training, a significant time commitment that alters your schedule, lifestyle, sleeping and eating habits. Such preparations also require sacrifice and support from your loved ones.

Melbourne Marathon, what a sight.

Melbourne Marathon, what a sight.

The Melbourne Marathon has become the biggest marathon in Australia with a record 6218 completing the course in 2012 and more than 35,000 entries across the four accompanying events – The Half Marathon, 10km Run and the Asics 5.7km run and 3km walk events. And best of all, you get to finish by running a lap across the hallowed turf of the iconic MCG!

Here's 6 great reasons to run the Melbourne marathon this year;

1. It will change your life. You will be tested and challenged, not only in training but mostly in the race itself. 42.2 kms is not easy for anyone.

2. There's still 21 weeks to go. Thus giving you plenty of time to prepare well & perform well!  Your typical marathon training program is 16-20 weeks, so what are you waiting for?

3. You've talked about it for ages, now it's time to just do it! 

4. Tick that Bucket list before you turn 40, or 50 or whatever!  

5. Because runners live longer, are happier & have more sex*! 

6. Goal Setting Reaps Rewards. Running a marathon doesn't just happen. You need to commit, be motivated, set a plan, and stick to it in order to achieve your goal. Thus the sense of achievement & reward once you've completed your marathon is greater than many others due to the greater sacrifice and effort you've put in along the way.

And here's 52 more reasons to run the marathon just in case you need more convincing!

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Seriously, you won't regret it, & it will without doubt change your life. For the good, & for the better!  

And when you do decide to do the marathon, then please plan & prepare early & well to ensure that your experience is a good one. If you need help with a training program to ensure you make it to the start line and finish line in good shape, I can help you.

All marathons are hard, however the hardest marathon you will ever run is the one you are least prepared for!  

Be a Finsiher!

Be a Finsiher!

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