Run Well! Improve your Running Technique & Efficiency in 5 weeks!

There's pretty much only two ways to get better with your running.

Effective training will make you stronger & better conditioned, thus allowing you to run further & faster.  The other way is to to run with greater efficiency to allow you to get the most out of every stride by maximising your energy output and ensuring you waste as little of your available energy as possible.

In fact whilst both are important, it is your running technique & efficiency that is the vital factor in  improving your running performance. Good running form will ensure you get the most out of every training run, and thus every race, whilst reducing your risk of injury.

Whilst I can help you with both of these elements of running training, one presents a much greater challenge than the other. 

Good running form is critical to improving your performance.

Good running form is critical to improving your performance.


Learning to run with greater efficiency, otherwise known as your running technique takes precise tuition, understanding, & practise.  

Whether you're a 5km weekend warrior or a seasoned marathoner, if you've never been taught how to run properly, there is a chance you are not maximising your running potential,and potentially increasing your risk of injury.

We can teach you the fundamental principals behind sound, effective and efficient running technique and over time you will see it pay dividends in your performance and recovery, not to mention the enjoyment you get out of your running.

Run Well are offering their unique 5 week Running Technique Clinic to you in late March 2017. 

We have designed & developed this unique teaching clinic over many years, & have coached over 100 runners in this method. 

'RUN BETTER, STRONGER & FASTER' IN  5 weeks & YOU will learn;  

  • the fundamental running drills that will allow you to develop stronger, more efficient motor patterns

  • retraining your foot strike for maximum recoil

  • the importance of knee drive

  • glute activation & stride power

  • cadence & arm swing

  • finally, how to run smooth, light & easy...and then fast!

This course involves hands on coaching, individual feedback, take home notes & homework. 

You will complete the course with the knowledge & understanding of how to continue to become better, stronger & faster with every run. 


Here's all the details you need;

WHEN:  Starts SATURDAY 25th March. 

5 x consecutive Saturday mornings ( except EASTER SAT)  from 7:30am  for an 60-75 mins. No issues with dark nights!

WHERE: PEANUT FARM OVAL, Spenser St/Chaucer St, St. Kilda. 


COST : $250 


How to secure your place ( numbers limited):

Sign up online ( YOU WILL NEED TO LOGIN FIRST) - click here to book via our website 

Transfer 50% deposit or pay in full by bank transfer to;

BSB: 062 562

ACC: 00620980

If you have any further queries or questions please send us an email here.

We look forward to running... really running, with you!

Remember, numbers are limited, so please get in touch now to secure your place.  

As always, Run Well!  



Rohan Armstrong

Passionate Running & Osteopathy