How's your New Year's Running Resolution going?

We are already into the second week of the New Year, which leaves me wondering how our resolutions are holding up, 8 days later?

Typically, New Year's Resolutions involve promises of healthier and fitter lifestyle changes, which will often include running related goals, challenges and even the threats & dreams of marathon finishes!

have runners, will run.

have runners, will run.

To start with here's a few tips to get this year's running resolutions into gear;

1. Start by Running Regularly; try for every second day, allowing a day in between for recovery. 

2. Be realistic when you start. If it's been some time since you've run, then start slowly, with short distances, and take it easy. Try 15-20 minutes, and include short walking breaks if you need to along the way. Many people that break down , do so by doing ' too much, too soon'. Listen to your body. Your body needs time to adapt to the demands of running, so let it. It may take 6-8 weeks before you can run 5k, and that;s okay. The next 5 k will come easier I promise.

3. Recovery; Most important for all runners, and in particular those starting out. Work on your recovery when you're not running, this will help your body adapt between runs, thus keeping you running and on track. This will involve your foam roller, stretching, try yoga which is great for running recovery, body & mind.

4. Be patient. Good runners are strong runners. You need to be strong and mobile. This takes time to develop and work to maintain. Take your time, and build your running fitness. Again, don't fall into the trap of 'too much, too soon'

5. Set goals. There's no better way to stay motivated than to be training for a goal, and you can't reach a target if you don't have one! Start with a 5k Personal Best, or maybe 10k and work your way up. Soon enough you'll be looking at a Half Marathon, and then maybe even a Marathon!

Maybe you ran the Half or Full marathon last year and now you're looking to improve on your performance and aim for a PB!

Either way, allow enough time to adequately prepare & train for your race and give yourself every chance of making it, and making a PB!

6. Enter a Race!! Now it's time to really plan out and train for that race. Pick your distance and commit yourself to a solid training program of 12- 20 weeks, depending on your distance. If you need some help or advice on this, feel free to email me here.


Now that you've made a start here's a few race events to consider for the year ahead;

Here's a link to all of the 2016 Australian Running Calendar of events.

And just for good measure, a list of my faves to consider for the year ahead;

  • Two bays Trail Run 28/56k; 17 Jan
  • Rollercoaster Run 43/21.5k; 27 Feb
  • Run 4 The Kids 15k; 20 March
  • Puffing Billy Run 13.5k; 1 May
  • Great Ocean Road Marathon 44/23; 15 May
  • Surf Coast Trail Marathon 42 solo/relay/22: 25 June
  • Run Melbourne 5/10/21; 24 July
  • Wonderland Run, Grampians 20/36: 21 August
  • Melbourne Marathon 21.1/42.2; 16 October
  • NYC Marathon 42.2; 6 November!!!!

If you're looking for any running or training advice to help you achieve your running goals for 2016, please email me .

And if you're planning on running in the 2016 New York City Marathon, so am I!! get on board with your personalised Run Well Marathon Training Program here!



Rohan Armstrong

Passionate Running & Osteopathy