All the best in NYC Marathon this Sunday!

I must send a message to 2 of my Run Well marathoners who will be lining up for their first marathon this Sunday in the NYC Marathon. 

NYC marathon, on your bucket list?

NYC marathon, on your bucket list?

I can only imagine the excitement and anticipation that Phoebe & Monique must be feeling, being in the Big Apple as we speak. Both Phoebe & Monique have committed & dedicated themselves to a comprehensive Run Well marathon training program. As such they are in great shape & well prepared as they line up for their first start. And what a thrill that will be. 

A long held dream of mine, I am planning to be there next year after running a qualifying time this year. I am also putting together a Run Well training package for any other enthusiastic runners looking to head to NYC  next November also. 

Whilst it's 1 year away, the time to start planning is now. There's a lot to organise before your training program begins.There are various ways to gain an entry which are explained

And failing that, you can always guarantee your entry through some travel packages with companies such as Travelling Fit.

Most importantly, if you are going to commit to run this memorable race, don't go to all that trouble and expense and leave yourself under-prepared. 

If you're interested in running the NYC marathon next year and would like Run Well to help you prepare, please contact me at ;



Finally, all the best this Sunday girls!! 

As always Run Well!  

Rohan Armstrong

Passionate Running & Osteopathy